The Kyadondo East by-election has been one of the most hotly contested by-elections in recent times. The by-election which was a result of a court nullification of Apollo Kantinti’s February 2016 election, attracted five male candidates, namely; Apollo Kantinti, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi Wine), Muwada Nkunyingi, Sowedi Kayongo and Sebalu Sitenda. Kyadondo East had 93 polling stations and nine (9) parishes namely: Bulamu, Gayaza, Katadde, Kabubbu, Kiteezi, Masooli, Nangabo, Wampewo and Watuba.

The by- election was marred with malpractices such as voter bribery and giving out of gifts which is an offence under section 68 (1) of the Parliamentary Elections Act 2005, campaigning past 6:00pm, which contravened the Electoral Commission regulations, violence and defacing of election posters, which is an offence under Section 82 (2) of the Parliamentary Elections Act 2005; punishable by imprisonment or payment of a fine. All these issues affect the integrity of the electoral process and may somewhat not guarantee a free and fair electoral process.  As a leading player in advocacy for electoral reforms, observation of general and by-elections and civic/voter education campaigns, the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) was in Kyadondo East to observe the election day processes and promote the integrity of electoral processes by detecting and deterring electoral malpractices.

CCEDU has a special mandate to observe Elections in conformity with the relevant international instruments governing election observation and the Constitution and National Laws of the Republic of Uganda1. Launched on 19th August 2009, CCEDU is a broad coalition that brings together over 850 like-minded civil society organizations and over 25,000 individuals to advocate for electoral democracy in Uganda. The CCEDU secretariat is hosted by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI).

CCEDU’s vision is to realize a Uganda where the principles and practices of electoral democracy are upheld. Its mission is to advance integrity and citizen participation in Uganda’s electoral processes. CCEDU carries out its work in all districts and regions of Uganda.

In line with this vision, CCEDU observed the pre-election period including: candidates’ nomination, update of the voters register, the display of the voters’ register, and campaigns and is now observing the Election Day processes namely: Arrival of polling materials; opening, voting, closing and counting processes. This statement, therefore, presents the Final observations of the conduct of Election Day processes on arrival, opening, voting, closing and counting processes of the CCEDU Election Observation Mission in Kyadondo East Constituency.

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