1. Background.

Following the February 2016 Uganda’s general elections, Citizens’ Election Observer’s Network in Uganda (CEON-U) highlighted limited youth participation as one of the key concerns by the youth and other citizens in engagement in elections due to the existing laws particularly the Sec. 8 of the National Youth Act Cap 319 that confers too much power to the youth councils to elect members of the National Youth Delegates Conference who then elect the National Youth Council Executive Committee and the five youth MPs for all youth in Uganda.

Youth in Uganda take 78% of Uganda’s population which amounts to 8 million young people. Among the 8 million youth, only 336 youth were able to participate in the 2016 youth council and youth MPs elections which amounts to 0.001% of the youth population in Uganda that participated in making these important decisions. Operating under representative democracy, this governance model of using the Electoral College system technically bars youth from participating in directly electing their leaders to Parliament; this triggered CCEDU under FHRI to come up with the VOICE project so as to boost youth participation in electoral democracy.

Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) hosted by the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) entered into a project based partnership (VOICE PROJECT) with OXFAM where OXFAM supports FHRI/CCEDU to identify platforms through which the youth will amplify their voices in order to influence policy makers to amend the National Youth Council Act and other relevant legislations so as to ensure youth participation under ‘My VOICE Campaign’. CCEDU is therefore soliciting the services of a media agency that will develop exciting but influential messages under the “My VOICE Campaign” banner. The agency will be responsible for developing campaign identity concepts, and sample audio and visual dummy messages, that will be used on various radio and TV stations at the national and regional levels (Karamoja and West Nile region) that will ably amplify out youth voices. The contract period is one week.

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