Despite standing as an independent, the guild president-elect, Mr Ivan Bwowe, maintains he remains a strong DP member whose credentials should not be questioned.

"DP is a party I love so much. I did not join DP from Makerere. For DP it is the principles and ideology of truth and justice that bind us together. Where those are flouted, I walk away and that is what I did," Mr Bwowe said soon after he learnt of his triumph.

"I decided to stand as an independent to uphold the principles I so cherish," he added. The third-year Bachelor of Law student is a product of Seeta High School, Mukono. He trounced Ms Sarah Aseru, the official DP candidate along with six others enroute to victory. Bwowe had lost to Aseru in an allegedly commercialised party primary that left a bitter after-taste among many.

On learning about their feat, at 8:30pm, Mr Bwowe's supporters made processions along major roads in the university carrying him shoulder-high till late hours of the night.

The poll was largely peaceful though a number of voters' were disenfranchised as their names were missing on the voters register. A big number of voter's wish was not reflected as there were also many invalid votes.

Candidates concede
Four of the candidates; Mr Nanyeenya, Mr Musiime, Mr Komakech and Mr Tabaro, endorsed the exercise as having been free and fair. The official DP and FDC candidates were unavailable for comment while independent but NRM leaning Phillip Musiime said he could not comment at the time of our call at 10:00am.

Michael Byemero, the university Electoral Commission chairman, described the exercise as a success.

Who is Bwowe
Born to Mr Richard Bwowe Richard Buwembo and Vannie Tebaggwa of Kalisizo, Masaka on April 27, 1991 Mr Bwowe attended St Charles Lwanga – Rwankoni Primary School, St Andrew, Matale Secondary School before joining Seeta High School, Mukono for his A-levels. He scored aggregate 23 in History, Economics, Geography and Entrepreneurship to join Makerere University as a private student in 2011.

Mr Bwowe who led a students' demonstration against the university's 60 per cent tuition increase by urging students to skip classes, listed the priorities he intends to tackle as; solving the issue of students missing marks when they actually sat for exams, poor internet facilities, degenerating security, poor meals in halls of residence and the handling of private students' matters.