Enhancing citizens’ participation and leadership accountability in Uganda’s political processes.”

Launched on August 19th, 2009, the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) is a broad coalition that brings together over 800 like-minded civil society organizations and over eight thousand individuals to advocate for electoral democracy in Uganda. The overriding agenda of this coalition is to advocate and promote integrity, transparency and active citizen participation in Uganda’s electoral process.

A Uganda where the principles and practices of electoral democracy are respected and upheld

Increased transparency, integrity and democratic participation in Uganda’s electoral process


In pursuing its vision, mission and objectives CCEDU is guided by the following values:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability of electoral systems
  • Respect for human and civic rights
  • Tolerance
  • Gender equity and equal opportunity
  • Non partisanship
  • Citizen participation

CCEDU brings together various interest configurations including, the Elderly, the Workers’ Union, the Farmers, the Faith Based networks, the Media, the Development workers, Youths, Persons with Disabilities, the Private Sector, the Women, Human Rights activists and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Since its inception CCEDU has engaged in advocacy for electoral reforms; civic enlightenment and motivation to actively participate in electoral processes and providing a forum for direct engagement of political aspirants and citizens on key governance and livelihood issues in their communities. Prior to the February 2011 general elections, CCEDU through partner implementing agencies and member organizations implemented a national voter education campaign dubbed; “Honor Your Vote”.