Squatters are the party -the party is squatters,
The party is the hope -landlord the Pope,
Squatters are landlords’ people -a voter colony;
Landlord the party – party the landlord;

Defaulters are evicted traitors,
Delete their names from the roster of life,
Enter them into the black book of doom,
Safely tuck away for judgment in a big metal vault-
At party headquarters in the distant city;

Yes -punish traitors to the party cause,
Bludgeon known quislings blind to the ethnic mirage,
Rapture soulless mercenaries on enemy mission,
Cripple irredeemable philistines spoiling things for landlord,
Ostracize them; condemn them; string them;

The landlord he says,
I speak for the squatter – he cannot speak for himself,
I speak for poor tenants -they long lost their rights to poverty,
Paucity is a wrong crime anyway;
I speak for illiterate citizens – muted by uncomprehending ignorance,
Oh! And their children too- those malleable miscreants,
I speak for them too;

Vote for the party- voice of the voiceless,
Pay up now or else you pay up now,
Vote yes! Vote no! Vote green! Vote red!
Power to the people- Landlords people!