Landlord feasts on public yeast,
Then he bloats and gloats,
And farts in public,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Landlord has eaten our school fees,
So children are now destitute,
But we must pat landlord,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Landlord has devoured the maize- for posho,
And the family is famished,
But we must pet landlord,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Land lord quaffed the cooking oil,
Pangs of constipation now constrict him,
So we must tend -the sick landlord,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Landlord owns the title deed,
To my land and hand,
My soul and vote...
Yawa landlord yawa...

Landlord owns the government seal,
Landlord has now terrorized me,
Into a homeless exile,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Landlord now wants my life,
In his unquenchable craving,
So I have fled from landlord,
Yawa Landlord yawa...

Greed is consuming landlord,
Like a grunting pig,
She too devours everything,
Aii yawa Landlord yawa...