Whereas we appreciate that the EC road map is a living document, it is important that the Commission maintains a semblance of predictability of electoral activities and milestones ahead of 2016. Changes in the road map should be made after consultations with relevant representatives of key stakeholders.

Changes in the road map made without consultations may raise suspicion with regard to the motive. The transparency of the Commission is very critical especially in the current political context. It is however important for the EC to widely publicize any such changes as well as ensure that all Ugandans are abreast with the road map to the 2016 elections.

It is also critical to note that some of the changes in the electoral laws brought about by the recent amendments to the Electoral Commission, Presidential and Parliamentary Acts such as: the reduction in polling time from 10 to 9 hours; the increment in candidate nomination fees among others could potentially disenfranchise part of the electorate as well as limit participation of citizens in electoral politics.