Yet gain, another undressed woman is in the news, as every stomach turns upon watching Zainab Fatuma in scuffle with Police, civil society moans wondering what the worst will be for special interest groups in the 2016 election. What will befall women for example when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law?

Shall we be certain of their participation in the electoral process; we haven’t even mentioned PWD’s, youth, the elderly, farmers, et al.

This FDC Official had seemingly accompanied her candidate but what risks await the many women out there planning to stick in with allegiance to their candidates come the 2016 elections. For now, Ingrid Turinawe and Zainab cases present us with a bitter foretaste of the special interest group abuse, especially in election season.

Our partners at CEONU, WLEDE, FOWODE and WDG through their election observation missions will be aggregating and providing insight into the many incidents of electoral violence that special interest groups find themselves exposed to. On the other hand, we at CCEDU will stay interested in highlighting electoral incidents like Zainab’s which also carry potential to discourage voters from fully participating in the electoral process.

As these events testify, the electoral environment is already getting tense, what citizens need is an authority that will go all the way to protect rather than endanger.

What we have witnessed with FDC Officials Zainab and Ingrid is not only detestable but an awakening alert on what many special interest groups will be bearing in the coming elections. Good thing civil society is committed to dragging these issues into the public light.,

For now,the struggle continues.