Face the Citizens’ National Debates 2011

CCEDU provided voters across the country with a platform through which they voiced what they believed were the most important election issues. Whereas at regional level the debates attracted political representatives to answer questions from ordinary citizens, at national level, the debates attracted presidential candidates who responded to critical issues as raised by citizens. In both cases, the debates sought to shift electoral campaigns from being personality driven to being issue-based.

All debates were recorded and aired on five television stations including, UBC, NTV, WBS, NBS and BTN a week after recording.
Project Description: The attention of political aspirants and provide Citizens to these debates were aimed at bringing the issues and concerns of local Ugandan

Face the Citizens’ Local Debates 2011

This project was aimed at creating a platform for citizens to interface with their prospective leadership. The local debates were intended to provide a unique opportunity for ordinary citizens to put political aspirants on the spot about issues that they articulated in their manifestos. These were held at district and constituency levels.

The citizens' were allowed the opportunity to relate to the extent to which the political aspirants understood and were addressing their societal concerns in their leadership agenda.

These debates were also a platform for dissemination of the citizens Manifesto and were hosted in local communities across the country in partnership with CCEDU partner Organisations.