Exhibition of Honor Your Vote

These public exhibitions were intended to bring the images that were captured from the different regions of the country to other regions.

These exhibitions were meant to run strong thematic messages that the people of Uganda feel strongly about.
The themes voiced out included but were not limited to non violence during and after elections, engaging in issue based elections, encouraging citizen participation in improving governance and accountability and encouragement of civic engagement.
The people of Acholi would for example see the images from Buganda and compare their needs with those of the Baganda. They would be able to see that the aspirations needs challenges of Ugandans are shared and that their vision is similar which a better Uganda.

Honor Your Vote Campaign Familiarization Interactive Forums 7th December, 2010 at Grand Imperial Hotel

CCEDU in conjunction with OMNICOM its media consultant held interactive forums with security organs, the media and civil society actors respectively. The forums were intended to familiarize the identified stakeholders on the purpose of the HYV campaign.

Chairperson CCEDU Executive Committee, Livingstone Sewanyana (L) and CCEDU Executive member, Fred Kabuye (R) launch the multi-media messaging campaign at Grand Imperial Hotel on 7th December, 2010