Issued: May 29, 2018| 1:00pm

Introduction: Given its broad mandate of realizing a Uganda where the principles and practices of electoral democracy are upheld, the Citizen’s Coalition For Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) will observe the Rukungiri Women MP, by-election slated for May 31. As a means of enhancing citizen participation in Uganda’s electoral processes, CCEDU is today, May 29, conducting the training of its 30 observers at Riverside Hotel Rukungiri. CCEDU is in Rukungiri to mobilize citizens to show up in large numbers and participate in the by-election. Since its establishment, CCEDU has been a leading player in advocacy for electoral reforms, observation of general and by-elections and civic/voter education campaigns.

Electoral Details: Rukungiri district is made up of three constituencies namely; Rubabo, Rujumbura and Rukungiri Municipality. 12 sub-counties namely: Buyanja, Kebisoni, Nyakishenyi, Nyarushanje, Bugangari, Buhunga, Bwambara, Nyakagyeme, Ruhinda, Eastern division, Southern division and Western division. The district has 77 parishes and 276 polling stations. In the race are four candidates namely: Winifred Matsiko (NRM), Betty Muzanira (FDC), Fabith Kukundakwe (PPP), Prisca Sezi Mbaguta (independent) and two candidates opted out.

The CCEDU election Observation Team already in Rukungiri for the #RukungiriByElection

CCEDU Communication Plan for the By-election: To fulfill our mandate of promoting electoral democracy in Uganda, CCEDU will closely observe the processes of the by-election through 20 short-term observers who will be stationed at particular polling centers. In addition, CCEDU will have ten roving observers, so as to give a balanced picture of the election. CCEDU will be assisted by its robust membership infrastructure in Rukungiri and Kabale.

  1. As a body mandated with realizing the principles and practices of electoral democracy our core audience are the voters and the citizens. CCEDU urges all those who will participate in the election to ensure they have all the requirements to participate ahead of the by-election. We also urge voters to turn up in large numbers and vote for a candidate of their choice.
  2. For effective messaging, through-out E-day, CCEDU will post captioned pictures on its website, facebook and tweeter accounts so as to keep the voter’s and the country abreast with the processes in the Rukungiri by-election.
  3. CCEDU will also report about the various stages of the electoral process namely: opening and set-up, polling, counting and tallying.

Conclusion: The conduct of elections in Uganda is guided by the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, the Parliamentary Elections Act and the Electoral Commission Act and CCEDU will observe the Rukungiri Women MP by-election in relation to these pieces of legislation, to gauge if the election is conducted within the precincts of the law.


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