Following the Electoral Commission's (EC) statement on the Integrity of the National Voters' Register (released on August 28th 2018), the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) acknowledges EC's commitment to investigate claims around the integrity of the national voters’ register.   

The EC is however in a difficult place to demonstrably investigate itself.  Criticisms around the integrity of the national voters’ register indicate that the EC is in the dock over laxity in executing its Constitutional mandate. 

The integrity, impartiality and objectivity of investigations conducted by the EC itself on this matter would potentially be compromised and would not offer much confidence to the Public. 


We therefore call for comprehensive and independent investigations into claims of a compromised national voters’ register among other electoral malpractices.  The findings of which, should be made public to relevant stakeholders and used as basis to improve the conduct of future elections. 


Crispin Kaheru, Coordinator, CCEDU