1.0 Introduction:

CCEDU observed polling day activities in the 223 polling stations, 69 parishes, and 16 Sub Counties that make up Nebbi District. The by-election attracted Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate, Onyai Vicky Emmanuel; Independent Candidate, Othuba George; and National Resistance Movement Candidate, Urombi Emmanuel.

 2.0 Objectives and Methodology of Observation:


The objective of the CCEDU EOM was to make an independent, objective and impartial assessment of the July 11th 2019 Nebbi District LCV By-election. In pursuance of this objective, the CCEDU EOM observed the elections within the spirit and letter of the international election protocols that the Republic of Uganda is party to; the Guidelines of the CCEDU EOM, as well as the legal framework for the conduct of elections in the Republic of Uganda.

The CCEDU EOM was specifically required to:

· Determine whether the elections were conducted in compliance with the country’s constitutional and legal framework, other relevant laws and the guidelines governing the conduct of elections in Uganda; 

· Determine whether the election environment was conducive for voters to freely exercise their fundamental rights and express their will;

· Evaluate the transparency and adequacy of the voting, counting and tallying 
processes; as well as the announcement of the results; and

· Establish whether the results of the elections were a true reflection of the democratic 
will of the people of Nebbi district. 



In order to achieve the aforementioned objective(s), the CCEDU EOM undertook the following activities:

· The Mission held consultation with key electoral stakeholders including the EC, political parties, representatives of Civil Society Organisations, security agencies’ representatives and members of the media; 

· CCEDU EOM also consulted with relevant stakeholders in Nebbi district;

· The CCEDU EOM requested and obtained information on activities related to the electoral process from the EC;

· On Election Day, the EOM observed all aspects of the electoral process in the respective areas of deployment; 

· The CCEDU EOM presented its preliminary assessment of the elections through a Polling Day statement released on 11th July 2019.

Downlaod Statement