• Kaboong By Election
    Kaboong By Election

    Voters at Meus Polling station Kaboong ready with their voter verification to cast their votes during the parliamentary by election 29th October 2017

  • CCEDU Election Observers
    CCEDU Election Observers

    Increased transparency, integrity and democratic participation in Uganda’s electoral process

  • Media Address
    Media Address

    Dr Livingstone Sewanyana CCEDU Chairperson addresses the media on CCEDU's position about the amendment of Article 102B 27th July 2017

  • Vote counting
    Vote counting

    Increased transparency, integrity and democratic participation in Uganda’s electoral process

  • Elections for All
    Elections for All

    A young boy helps his blind grandmother to cast her vote during the Kaboong parliamentary by-election on 29th October 2017

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Observing Jinja By-Election
15 Mar 2018
Jinja East
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  The move is being spearheaded by Youth MP (western) Gerald Karuhanga (indep) and seconded by Sam Otada (Indep), Abdi  Chemaswet (NRM),Hussein Kyanjo (Jeema), Alice Alaso (FDC) and Monicah Amoding (NRM). The MPs addressed a press conference at Parliament buildings after meeting Kadaga.

Under the Constitution Amendment (Restoration of Presidential Term limits) Bill, 2013, the MPs are proposing amendment of Article 105 (2) of the constitution to say that a person shall not be elected under this constitution to hold office as president for more than two terms.

They are proposing a new clause, 2a to say that "A bill for an Act of Parliament seeking to amend this clause and clause 2 of this article shall not be taken as passed unless it is supported at the second and third readings in Parliament by not less than four-fifths of all Members of Parliament."

 The presidential term limits were lifted from the constitution in 2005.

In their draft motion Karuhanga stated that "The framers of the Constitution clearly and with foresight provided for presidential term limits before the limits were regrettably removed from the Constitution in 2005."

He also pointed out that the presidential term limits mitigate the control of the military, electoral commission, media, courts of justice and state finances by incumbents. He also pointed out that term limits are consistent with the current constitutional practice among the other partner states of the East African Community.

Otada said: "In 1995, during the referendum, Ugandans agreed that restoration of two presidential term limits, however in 2005 some MPs ‘caused treason’ when they amended the constitution to lift a ban on term limits."

He added that the African union recently ratified that all the 54 African countries should embrace term limits; therefore Uganda being a member state of the African Union should ratify this. "Tanzania, Ghana among the nations that have embraced the presidential term limits."

Chemaswet said, "By restoration of term limits, we shall have peaceful transfer of power from one leader to another.

Amoding said "It is high time that the young generation hold responsible the people who removed the term limits from the constitution.  We want to leave a legacy that will be remembered by our predecessors that we restored the presidential term limits in the constitution,"


Who We are !!!

Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)
is a broad coalition that brings together over 800
like-minded civil society organizations
over eight thousand individuals to advocate for
electoral democracy in Uganda.

The overriding agenda of this coalition is to advocate
and promote integrity, transparency and active
citizen participation in Uganda’s
electoral process.

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