• Kaboong By Election
    Kaboong By Election

    Voters at Meus Polling station Kaboong ready with their voter verification to cast their votes during the parliamentary by election 29th October 2017

  • CCEDU Election Observers
    CCEDU Election Observers

    Increased transparency, integrity and democratic participation in Uganda’s electoral process

  • Media Address
    Media Address

    Dr Livingstone Sewanyana CCEDU Chairperson addresses the media on CCEDU's position about the amendment of Article 102B 27th July 2017

  • Vote counting
    Vote counting

    Increased transparency, integrity and democratic participation in Uganda’s electoral process

  • Elections for All
    Elections for All

    A young boy helps his blind grandmother to cast her vote during the Kaboong parliamentary by-election on 29th October 2017

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Observing Jinja By-Election
15 Mar 2018
Jinja East
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Introduction: Given its broad mandate of realizing a Uganda where the principles and practices of electoral democracy are upheld, the Citizen’s Coalition For Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) will observe the Jinja East constituency by-election slated for March 15. As a means of enhancing citizen participation in Uganda’s electoral processes, CCEDU was today, February 13, 2018, in Jinja to mobilize citizens for the processes ahead of the by-election. Since its establishment, CCEDU has been a leading player in advocacy for electoral reforms, observation of general and by-elections and civic/voter education campaigns.

Nomination Process: The nomination processes as observed by CCEDU was smooth with no eventualities. 16 people picked nominations forms, but so far four candidates have been cleared. These are Faisal Mayemba an independent candidate, Nathan Igeme Nabeta (NRM), Paul Mwiru (FDC), Francis Wakabi (independent). The Jinja East by-election is anticipated to be one of the most contentious by-elections this year. At nomination, Paul Mwiru said: “This is not an election between me and Nabeta, but one between me and President Museveni.”

Hon Mwiru addressing the media after the nomination.

During nomination, Nabeta and his team insisted he is an educated man and will win the by-election. According to press reports, a new by-election was announced on January 12, 2018, by the Court of Appeal. On July 18, 2016, the High Court judge, Lydia Mugambe ordered Nathan Igeme Nabeta out of Parliament and declared Paul Mwiru as the duly-elected MP for Jinja- East Municipality, it was established then that the results that had been announced in the 2016 elections from the Polling station of Danina A-D were fraudulent. However, Nabeta rejected justice Mugambe’s ruling by filing a new case in the Court of Appeal, but the court also ruled that the election had fallen short of internationally accepted standards of elections and, therefore, announced a by-election.

CCEDU communication plan for the by-election: To fulfil our mandate of promoting electoral democracy in Uganda, CCEDU will closely observe the processes of by-election through long-term and short-term observers so as to give a balanced picture of the election. CCEDU will achieve this through its robust membership infrastructure.

  1. As a body mandated with realizing the principles and practices of electoral democracy our core audience are the voters and the citizens. CCEDU urges all those who will participate in the election to ensure they have all the requirements to participate ahead of the by-election. We also urge voters to turn up in large numbers and vote for a candidate of their choice.
  2. For effective messaging, through-out the pre, during and after the by-election, CCEDU will post captioned pictures on its website, facebook and tweeter accounts so as to keep the voter’s and the country abreast with the processes in the Jinja East constituency.
  3. The stages of the process that we shall observe and report on are pre-election, which entails voter register update, nomination and campaigns. During elections processes which entails, opening and set-up, polling, counting and tallying.

Conclusion: The conduct of elections in Uganda is guided by the 1995 Constitution of Uganda, the Parliamentary Elections Act and the Electoral Commission Act and CCEDU will observe the Jinja by-election to gauge if it is conducted within the precincts of the law.


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Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU)
is a broad coalition that brings together over 800
like-minded civil society organizations
over eight thousand individuals to advocate for
electoral democracy in Uganda.

The overriding agenda of this coalition is to advocate
and promote integrity, transparency and active
citizen participation in Uganda’s
electoral process.

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