As part of its efforts to keep Ugandans abreast with developments ahead of the 2016 general elections, the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), we have added on our website a count-down clock giving actual days, minutes and seconds to what has been billed as a historic election in Uganda.

The clock designed to work with the Electoral Commissions’ last target date to hold the Presidential, Parliamentary and District Chairperson automatically counts down to the date. The EC says the election of President, Members of Parliament and District Chairpersons as well as the Mayor for Kampala Capital City Authority will be held between 12th February and 12th March 2016.

The development is exciting as only CCEDU so far has come up with such an innovation.

CCEDU, a coalition of some 800 organisational Members and more than 15000 individual members launched a “Votability” campaign to encourage Ugandans to ensure they are on the National Voter’s Register, to update their details and currently the ongoing display of the register to ensure a clean register for the elections.

We will also soon be launching a renewed mobilization effort under the “Honour Your Vote (HYV)” campaign to ensure Ugandans value their vote, narrow the gap between leaders and the led and establish the critical social contract between them.